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School Lobby Access Closed

The school lobby will be temporarily closed due to the ongoing construction. The school office will remain operational during this time. However, we request that you proceed to the church office if you need to come in for school related purposes.

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As promised, let me show you the latest photos of Nativity's building expansion -- as you know, we have outgrown our digs and are in need of additional space in which to work and play and learn and love and grow -- all within God's grace. The construction crew began its massive building renovation with the school first, as much of it was tied to the rhythm of the school year.

Please, come along with me .... Let's take a look ~~

We begin viewing the school's renovation with the gym -- because I just can't wait to see it! It continues to rise higher and higher. The foundation had been laid and the building's inner structure is almost pleading with the walls to catch up. Sidewalks wrap around the parish activity center -- "The GYM!" -- in a bright, cotton white, rising up out of the dirt.

Let's take a walk inside the school to see what's new. It hasn't been that long since I had been inside checking things out -- only two weeks ago!

Entering a nearly empty lobby -- save for the Mary statue -- we see the school office. A sign reminds us of the lobby's temporary closure -- guests are asked to go to the church office first and staff will contact Amor Paulson in the school office to meet them.

I have seen this before, but I point out the "pass-through" and the doorway opening up from the school lobby and into the space known formerly as "The School Library." The difference is amazing -- the spot where my desk used to sit now hosts construction equipment. When complete, this space will house the new CCD office.

The Library is moving next door, coupling with the Computer Center, and producing a larger, more spacious area, where students and teachers will gather to study, to research, to compose, to discuss, and to read -- to read in a "PIT!" Yes, a Pit; modeled after an amphitheatre -- in fact, it's a miniature version of the Colosseum Amphitheatre in Rome. No, there will be no gladiators, no lions or leopards, and no armor or spears, but there will be books -- and discussions about books -- on all kinds of people, animals, and events.

Reluctantly leaving my "happy place," we pass through the door at the end of the hallway and into the brand new part of the building. First, there's the new Art Studio; quite striking, with its grand windows running more than halfway down the studio's Southwest wall.

The Science lab, even larger than the last one, is impossible to enter, as heavy equipment bars the door. The Preschool and Pre-K rooms are up next. Again, glorious spaces with wide windows opening up to trees, creating the illusion we're atop a great tree, playing and learning in a treehouse.

On our way off the upper floor, we see a "cut-out," where a window will be placed, showing us the location of the stairs which lead to the lower floor and outside. At the bottom of these steps is a door leading to the parking lot, offering us another glimpse of our brand-new, nearly built GYM!

In another couple of months, Nativity will be able to offer even more learning spaces, additional facilities, and myriad opportunities to all of those who compose our Community now -- and in our future.

So, my dear Reader, if you are reading this and are not yet part of our friendly, generous, very talented Nativity Community (both the church and school), please join us! We'd love to meet you.
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... Gathering more photos to show the progress of the building expansion -- wow! Wait until you see. I took photos both inside and out. Look for them tomorrow! ... See MoreSee Less

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“Jesus said go to a faraway place and rest for awhile,” said Father Bob. “I’m going to take him up on it.”

He will spend a month in Rome this Fall.
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Father Bob will be taking a well-deserved, one-month sabbatical in Rome, beginning October 20. “J...

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This year, with Chromebook and Google Apps for Education, EVERY Nativity Catholic Middle School student’s organizational ability, creativity, and critical thinking, writing, and editing skills will sharpen.

And, because more instruction time is freed up -- due to virtually non-existent computer problems -- EVERYONE will work more effectively and learn more.

Students will check, complete, and submit virtually all of their homework assignments electronically. Even students who miss school, will easily check online to see what they missed.

Students and teachers will effortlessly share documents with one another, or with a whole classroom of students. Collaborating on the composition of documents and presentations will be easily accomplished, without the worry of trying to find time for students to meet outside of school, or puzzling over which version of the document is its latest.

Imagination will run free -- developing more creative projects, using better images and videos, and accomplishing the work with more ease -- and with more excitement -- than when working under the constraints of pen and paper. Plus, the student receives immediate feedback on electronically submitted work because the teacher will electronically return each assignment as it is graded.

And all of this magic happens faster this Fall … because it only takes 8 seconds to fire up a Chromebook!

Try it. I have. It’s an elegant solution!
And a winner for everyone.

Elementary and Middle School students are invited to apply to attend Nativity Catholic School this Fall. Applications for 1st grade, and for 3rd through 8th grade are now being accepted. Please call Amor Paulson at (703)455-2300, to schedule a tour, talk with our principal, and meet with our teachers and students. We have waiting lists for Kindergarten and for 2nd grade and would be happy to add your child’s name.
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I stopped by Nativity this week to see how the construction was coming along, and wanted to share a few photos of the ongoing expansion of our "Building Expansion's" Parish Activity Center. First, I met Maria Kelly, our school principal, and her daughter, Teagan, as they were ending a day of Vacation Bible School -- a weeklong celebration full of fellowship, fun, food, and prayer, happily held each summer at Nativity.

Teagan saw the Mary statue, who had been moved out a bit from the corner, and noticed how dusty she was. As you look around the school lobby, you can see it's nearly empty, save for Mary, an orange cone or two, and the reflection from the skylight above.

As we walk out of the school's front door, if we look to the left we can get a peek of the new Parish Activity Center -- the "gym" -- just above the bench. The photo just after that is of the new building's main entrance. As you can see, more of the gym's -- the "Center's" -- foundation has been laid ... and I've included a few shots of the "dirt" parking lot in back as well.

It's really pretty exciting to see things taking shape. And all the renovation in the school is just mind-blowing. Throughout the summer, I'll continue to post on the crew's progress!
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