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Mrs. Sinclair REMIND

School Calendar

Sharing the Good News

Well ... Ms. Kelly said we'd open for business on Monday -- August 31st -- the first day of school ....

And she was right!

We have been granted "Occupancy" for the existing school building -- so school is a "GO" on Monday! You are able to send in or bring in your school supplies as early as 7:30 a.m. Your teacher will greet you in your classroom.

Remember, Monday is a half-day of school -- students will be dismissed for the day at 12 NOON. Extended Care will be available before and after school. Parents with children who will attend Extended Care before school on Monday morning should "drop-off" by entering the Parish Hall doors at the end of the sidewalk.

We will begin Monday in fellowship, all of us gathering in the Parish Hall to celebrate the new school year with prayer. Parents of enrolled students are invited to join us.

Have a wonderful weekend! We'll see you on Monday morning.
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As part of our ongoing effort to prepare our students to problem-solve in our technology-rich world, we've been investigating Google's educational tools for use in our classrooms.

Yesterday, we attended a session led by Sallie Hill Outten, Virginia's 1st Google Certified Teacher (2008). Outten has been working in Google Apps for Education since its inception in 2007, and currently manages technology for the Blue Ridge Virtual Governor’s School, including researching new tools, methods, and hardware. She works hand-in-hand with teachers and students developing curriculum, large scale collaborative projects, and performance task assessments.

We learned a great deal -- we brainstormed, strategized, and discussed several ways we could easily incorporate these apps to derive the most benefit from them. It was really exciting to see even more possibilities we could use to further streamline our work, communicate better, and even more effectively prepare our students for their future.

It was THE perfect way to begin a new school year!

Outten led us through technical tools our entire school can use -- the "Google Apps for Education Suite,"
including ...
1. Classroom
2. Gmail
3. Drive
4. Calendar
5. Vault
6. Docs
7. Sheets
8. Slides
and ...
9. Sites

This year, we'll incorporate many of these in our teaching, in our classrooms and, especially, with our Middle School students, who will use Chromebooks with Google Apps this year.

I've included a few photos from our workshop. Our Google leader, Sallie Hill Outten, is pictured below in black. We look forward to updating you on our progress throughout the coming school year.
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Yes, I was a bit nervous -- and excited -- yesterday, arriving for the Teachers' First Day Back. I knew the renovations were not complete; I had been taking photos all summer long of the crew's progress. While the crew has moved Heaven and Earth -- well, definitely a GREAT deal of earth, we KNOW who moves Heaven -- it still needs a few more days to work. That said, it looks as if we are on schedule to open for business on Monday, August 31.

At the first opportunity, Ms. Kelly gave us a tour of the school and we loved all that we saw. I took some photos along the way so that you could come along. Please join me ~~

We began in the new section of the school since the Sisters' CCD offices and the Media Center were not quite ready yet. Walking down the hallway past the Chapel, we see the new Art Studio first, with skylights and windows that seem to stretch up into the sunlight. Mrs. Plumb was struck by its natural beauty. Such a beautiful space in which to create.

Next, we followed Mr. Ward into the new Science Lab. He was just reveling in the design of the space .... A space worthy of our young scientists' inquisitiveness, and the scholarly guidance of their formidable leader.

The space just outside the two new rooms will become a gathering spot, with comfortable furniture, lots of natural light -- a spot for a few friends to talk about the History project they're working on together, or for a small group of students to meet and plan the next service project. When I look down the hallway just off that space, I see lockers for Middle School students flanking it. Then, very spacious 7th and 8th grade rooms that open to the trees. Wonderful, warm, light-drenched spaces designed for our growing young charges. Oh, and -- as you can't help but see -- our very happy teachers. Pictured: Senorita Rodriguez and Mrs. Wasfy.

We took the stairs down to the Early Childhood Center, housing learning spaces for the youngest among us -- our preschoolers and pre-kindergartners! Note the child-sized cupboards, sink, and counters -- in just the slightest shade of blue. Our preschool teacher, Jen Behan, felt the spaces were joyful, playful. Between the two large rooms is a smaller space, designed as a student locker area and quiet napping room. The Center also has its own doorway, which the children will use to enter and exit their own playground. As we looked out the larger-than-life windows, Ms. Kelly pointed out an area large enough for our students to garden.

Ohhhhh ... how very good this all feels.

Ms. Kelly showed us new bathrooms, located near the new Parish Activity Center -- as we entered one, lights shone without the flip of a switch. Immediately, we zeroed in on a baby-changing station. In fact, there were two changing stations: One located in the Women's bathroom; the other in the Men's. These are the public bathrooms that have been designed to be used by those who are in the gym -- both just inside the newly built entrance to the gym.

Did someone say "gym?"

Yup. We have one -- well, we almost have one. It's not finished yet, but is well on the way. The last photo is one I took from my perch on the new stage inside the Parish Activity Center.

It's been a long time coming ... and it is just magnificent! We can't wait to show you. See you all very soon ~~
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Dear Nativity Parents!

I've posted a letter to parents from Maria Kelly, principal of Nativity Catholic School. As Ms. Kelly writes, we are all very excited to be nearing completion of the school renovation project. But it appears it will take a few more days. In order to provide them, we must cancel our traditional "Sneak-a-Peek," originally scheduled for Friday, August 28. We will, however, continue to hold many of the meetings previously scheduled for next week, but in different locations.

Please take a look at Ms. Kelly's letter for more information, and we sincerely thank you for being so very flexible. We're very excited to show you and your children all that we will be able to offer this school year ~~ see you soon!
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Okay -- Here's what I have to report:

The Sisters were absolutely right! There has been a great deal of progress made in our building expansion project since our last report. I wasn't able to gain access to the entire building -- (I think they must be reading my posts as well and are ON to me!) -- but I did manage to take photos of the new CCD offices, the new Media Center, and the outside of our new gym.

The CCD offices are definitely nearing the end of work, as the furniture has just arrived. It's going to be a great space for the Sisters and their staff to help spread The Word.

Just past the ominous "Keep Out" sign (see photo below), I managed to slip into the Media Center. It is still a "work-in-progress." I've also included photos (see below) of the "Reading Pit."

Next, I went outside into the sunshine to take photos of the gym -- well, it's really called the Parish Activity Center. I could see a major difference in the size of the structure since my last visit two weeks ago: Direct your attention to the last two pictures posted below -- the first of the two is the photo of the gym structure today -- August 16, 2015; the last one in this series is the photo taken almost two weeks ago of the progress made to that point.

As you can see, quite a bit of work has been done!

Still, there is much more to go and the beginning of our Fall semester grows close.

On my next visit to the school, I will try to find a way into our Early Childhood Center, to see the new Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten space. Stay tuned!
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Saw the Sisters this week -- and they clued me in on additional progress made in our building expansion project. I stopped by School this afternoon and took photos. I will post this weekend. Stay tuned for an update! ... See MoreSee Less

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